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  • [SONARSLANG-517] - [Apex] FP due to dynamic code evaluation / string interpolation
  • [SONARSLANG-518] - [Ruby] FP due to dynamic code evaluation / string interpolation
  • [SONARSLANG-524] - [Scala] FP Unused{Variable/FunctionParameter} string interpolation


  • [SONARSLANG-451] - [Go] - Fix coverage to match "go test" (replaces sonar-go/issues/340)
  • [SONARSLANG-461] - [Kotlin] Analysis of JetBrains/kotlin/compiler/ir/backend.js/src stays on the same file
  • [SONARSLANG-470] - [Go] Coverage: "go test" report does not prefix absolute path using '_' anymore
  • [SONARSLANG-522] - [Go] - Fail to import test execution file located at the root of the project

New Feature




  • [SONARSLANG-334] - FP due to dynamic code evaluation and string interpolation
  • [SONARSLANG-348] - [Kotlin] FP S100 (BadFunctionNameCheck) on factory functions
  • [SONARSLANG-351] - [Scala] S3923 & S1871 should not raise an issue on variable shadowed in pattern matching.
  • [SONARSLANG-431] - [Kotlin] Support common compiler @Suppress values to suppress issues.
  • [SONARSLANG-447] - [Go] - FP on S1763 when a semicolon is added
  • [SONARSLANG-448] - [Go] - FP on S1763 when jumps are followed by labelled code
  • [SONARSLANG-449] - [Go] - FP on S122 when a semicolon is added
  • [SONARSLANG-473] - Rule S2068: filter empty strings
  • [SONARSLANG-474] - Rule S2068: filter string literal that contains the wordlist item
  • [SONARSLANG-475] - Rule S2068: filter database query parameters
  • [SONARSLANG-486] - [GO] FP in S1192: struct tags should not be considered as String literals
  • [SONARSLANG-487] - [Kotlin] S117: update default regex to not report backticked identifier
  • [SONARSLANG-490] - [Kotlin] FP S1144: Operator functions usages not recognized correctly
  • [SONARSLANG-497] - Rule S1313 should not raise on invalid IP address or part of exceptions
  • [SONARSLANG-499] - Rule S5377 [Apex] should not raise when sharing properties are inherited
  • [SONARSLANG-500] - Rule S1144 shouldn't raise an issue when private method from companion object is used

False Negative

  • [SONARSLANG-494] - Rule S2068: support of passphrase item in the default wordlist
  • [SONARSLANG-496] - Rule S2068 [Scala] should detect basic usage of hardcoded credentials
  • [SONARSLANG-519] - [Ruby] S1172 does not work when the file has more than one function

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