Release Notes - SonarSlang - Version 1.6 - HTML format


New Feature

  • [SONARSLANG-373] - Support issue suppression with NOSONAR
  • [SONARSLANG-400] - [Go] Enable first set of rules, including two new rules (EmptyCommentCheck, ParsingErrorCheck)
  • [SONARSLANG-415] - [Go] Enable rules relying on Binary and Unary Expression, including two new rules (S1940, S1067)
  • [SONARSLANG-417] - [Go] Import golangci-lint report
  • [SONARSLANG-422] - [Go] Enable rules relying on Function parameters, including one new rule (S117)
  • [SONARSLANG-427] - [Go] Enable new rule S122: Statements should be on separate lines


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