Release Notes - SonarTSQL - Version 1.2 - HTML format


  • [SONARTSQL-90] - S4154: Do not report issue for "ON" value


  • [SONARTSQL-83] - Parse error on TRY_PARSE with non-literal
  • [SONARTSQL-84] - Parse error on "FROM (merge/update/delete/insert statement)"
  • [SONARTSQL-91] - Parse error on CREATE STATISTICS with database prefix
  • [SONARTSQL-92] - Parse error on BACKUP DATABASE with COPY_ONLY option

New Feature

  • [SONARTSQL-61] - Rule S3973: A conditionally executed single line should be denoted by indentation
  • [SONARTSQL-66] - Compute the Executable Lines metric
  • [SONARTSQL-68] - Rule: Sections of code should not be "commented out"
  • [SONARTSQL-71] - Rule: "LIKE" clauses should not be used without wildcards
  • [SONARTSQL-87] - Rule: Reserved keywords should not be used as identifiers or object names
  • [SONARTSQL-89] - Rule: "Not" boolean operator should not be doubled
  • [SONARTSQL-94] - Rule: Tabulation characters should not be used
  • [SONARTSQL-95] - Rule: Control structures should use "BEGIN ... END"
  • [SONARTSQL-96] - Rule: Control flow statements "if", "while" and "try" should not be nested too deeply
  • [SONARTSQL-97] - Rule: Functions should not have too many lines of code
  • [SONARTSQL-102] - Rule: Track uses of "FIXME" tags
  • [SONARTSQL-109] - Rule: Multiple variables should not be declared on the same line
  • [SONARTSQL-110] - Rule: Loops with at most one iteration should be refactored
  • [SONARTSQL-114] - Rule: "CATCH" clauses should do more than rethrow
  • [SONARTSQL-120] - Migrate to SQ LTS 6.7 API
  • [SONARTSQL-122] - Rule: Non-standard comparison operators should not be used



  • [SONARTSQL-76] - S1656 should raise issues in UPDATE statements
  • [SONARTSQL-77] - Support "; number" in "CREATE PROCEDURE" and "EXECUTE"
  • [SONARTSQL-79] - Support SET statements calling a mutator method
  • [SONARTSQL-81] - Depend on latest Orchestrator
  • [SONARTSQL-86] - Add "CREATE RULE" into deprecated code check (S4075)
  • [SONARTSQL-107] - S2681: Add secondary locations and update message to make the issue more obvious
  • [SONARTSQL-117] - S2681: Raise issue when there are empty lines between indented statements
  • [SONARTSQL-118] - Add "numbered procedures" to deprecated code check (S4075)
  • [SONARTSQL-119] - Remove ".sql" from default suffixes to avoid incompatibility with SonarPLSQL
  • [SONARTSQL-121] - Update rule "Jump statements should not be followed by other statements" to be based on CFG

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