Release Notes - SonarLint for Visual Studio Code - Version 1.14 - HTML format


  • [SLVSCODE-116] - Mixed logs from standalone and connected engines in the output at startup of language server



  • [SLVSCODE-7] - Trigger analysis on change only after a period of inactivity
  • [SLVSCODE-8] - Cleaner SonarLint output by hiding verbose logs by default
  • [SLVSCODE-32] - Implement showing the rule description correctly
  • [SLVSCODE-37] - Trigger analysis of open files after updating bindings or rules configuration
  • [SLVSCODE-48] - Prevent confusion about files inadvertently getting classified as test instead of main sources
  • [SLVSCODE-95] - Improve description of java home property
  • [SLVSCODE-97] - Ensure organization is defined when server is SonarCloud
  • [SLVSCODE-98] - SonarCloud first class citizen
  • [SLVSCODE-101] - Support TypeScript analysis when using remote ssh
  • [SLVSCODE-107] - Offer to automatically install a JRE when none is detected
  • [SLVSCODE-109] - Update embedded code analyzers

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