Release Notes - SonarLint For IntelliJ - Version 5.2 - HTML format


  • [SLI-541] - Preserve rule description scrolling position when navigating between flows
  • [SLI-542] - UI becomes unresponsive when switching to the "Report" tab with large projects
  • [SLI-547] - Error when the local issue cache is not readable
  • [SLI-555] - Broken link of documentation for connected mode
  • [SLI-571] - Bad rendering of links in rule description when configuring rules
  • [SLI-581] - Error accessing document content outside of read action
  • [SLI-583] - Error when closing a project while indexing module files
  • [SLI-584] - NPE when analyzing all files
  • [SLI-587] - Unable to analyze C# files if .sln in in a sibling folder
  • [SLI-588] - Automatic error reporting is truncated and badly encoded


  • [SLI-414] - Improve the layout of the analyzers versions dialog
  • [SLI-435] - 'Disable rule' file-level contextual action should not be available in connected mode
  • [SLI-447] - Exclude files that are excluded in Git from "analyze all files"
  • [SLI-473] - Use AnAction instead of HTML hyperlink in notification balloons
  • [SLI-504] - Do not use IntelliJ Logger mechanism
  • [SLI-540] - Increase default size of the rule description panel
  • [SLI-556] - Do not place toolbars with ActionPlaces.UNKNOWN
  • [SLI-562] - Remove usage of APIs deprecated before 2019.3
  • [SLI-569] - Clean up actions available in Find Action popup
  • [SLI-576] - Disclose project-related info only to trusted servers
  • [SLI-585] - Allow SonarLint Tool Window to adapt to vertical layout
  • [SLI-586] - Enable AWS secrets detection in Rider and CLion
  • [SLI-589] - Update embedded Java analyzer to 7.2
  • [SLI-590] - Update embedded PHP analyzer to 3.18
  • [SLI-591] - Update embedded Python analyzer to 3.6

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