Release Notes - SonarLint For IntelliJ - Version 4.14 - HTML format


  • [SLI-478] - Don't throw an error when the server is offline
  • [SLI-489] - Error when checking notifications after project is closed
  • [SLI-497] - Unable to load analyzers with latest EAP 2021.1
  • [SLI-498] - Unable to open hotspots with EAP 2021.1

New Feature

  • [SLI-480] - Display simplified taint vulnerabilities
  • [SLI-481] - Add a disclaimer to the taint vulnerabilities tab that issues do not come from local analysis
  • [SLI-482] - Allow navigation to the taint vulnerability in SQ/SC from an issue in the taint vulnerabilities tab
  • [SLI-483] - Help the user access taint vulnerability details from the editor
  • [SLI-484] - Telemetry for taint vulnerabilities
  • [SLI-485] - Display secondary locations for taint vulnerabilities
  • [SLI-486] - Show to user if locations of taint issue don't match with local code


  • [SLI-475] - Use the plugin verifier in our CI
  • [SLI-476] - Missing text in project selection dialog in old versions
  • [SLI-496] - Provide HTTP client implementation to SLCORE


  • [SLI-479] - Populate '' property for Java analysis
  • [SLI-487] - Add a button to refresh the taint vulnerabilities tab
  • [SLI-490] - Make it more obvious that Taint Vulnerabilities feature depends on having the project analyzed regularly on SQ/SC
  • [SLI-492] - Update embedded Java analyzer to 6.12
  • [SLI-493] - Update embedded JS/TS analyzer to 7.1
  • [SLI-494] - Update embedded PHP analyzer to 3.15
  • [SLI-495] - Update embedded Ruby analyzer to 1.8.2
  • [SLI-499] - Update embedded Python analyzer to 3.2

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