Release Notes - SonarLint For IntelliJ - Version 4.9 - HTML format


  • [SLI-382] - Some issues are not detected on Android projects
  • [SLI-384] - Some Java issues are not reported because wrong JDK classpath is used
  • [SLI-393] - Exported classpath entries of dependent modules are not considered
  • [SLI-394] - Test and production dependencies are mixed during Java analysis
  • [SLI-398] - Test files are considered as source files at initial import of Maven project


  • [SLI-368] - Add 'require-restart' attribute in plugin.xml and start refactor to support dynamic loading
  • [SLI-409] - Update Java analyzer to
  • [SLI-410] - Update PHP analyzer to
  • [SLI-411] - Update Python analyzer to

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