Release Notes - SonarJava - Version 6.15.1 - HTML format


  • [SONARJAVA-3808] - NPE in JMethodSymbol.overriddenSymbol
  • [SONARJAVA-3812] - Analysis should stop without logging when a CancellationException is thrown


  • [SONARJAVA-3815] - Update rules metadata
  • [SONARJAVA-3817] - Remove rules resulting in failing tests from default quality profile
  • [SONARJAVA-3821] - Do not ship "sonar-plugin-api" implementation class with the analyzer components



  • [SONARJAVA-3797] - FP in S1854 for effective-final assignment of variables used in a lambda
  • [SONARJAVA-3798] - FP in S1258 and S3749 when using Lombok "@Data" annotation
  • [SONARJAVA-3804] - FP in S3077 when volatile is used with @Immutable and @ThreadSafe annotations
  • [SONARJAVA-3809] - S5979 should not report on objects initialized with `MockitoJUnit.rule()` followed by options
  • [SONARJAVA-3811] - Rule S5542 should not be triggered when using CBC mode
  • [SONARJAVA-3814] - S6212 should not suggest to use "var" when the initializer is a lambda or a method reference

False Negative

  • [SONARJAVA-3785] - Rule S4605 is not detected with @SpringBootApplication
  • [SONARJAVA-3810] - S5547 should report on some more weak algorithms
  • [SONARJAVA-3813] - Rule S4790 should support more weak hash algorithms

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