Release Notes - SonarHTML - Version 3.3 - HTML format


  • [SONARHTML-115] - FP from Rule S1085 when "aria-label" or "aria-labelledby" are used
  • [SONARHTML-116] - Rule S1935 is raising on "<style>" elements instead of "style" attributes
  • [SONARHTML-117] - FP from S125 on Server Side Includes (SSI)
  • [SONARHTML-119] - FP UnclosedTagCheck: generic type model in cshtml
  • [SONARHTML-125] - Deprecated attribute as a compliant example of S1085 (TableWithoutCaptionCheck)
  • [SONARHTML-130] - FP on S1092 (LinkToImageCheck) when "href" contains a PHP page

New Feature

  • [SONARHTML-120] - Rule S5725 Disabling resource integrity features is security-sensitive



  • [SONARHTML-118] - FP and FN for multiple rules: Support Angular attribute binding
  • [SONARHTML-121] - Update branding to drop 'SonarHTML'
  • [SONARHTML-123] - Fix parameter key for S1829: should be 'attributes'
  • [SONARHTML-124] - Rule S1876 (AvoidHtmlCommentCheck): change rule type to Security Hotspot
  • [SONARHTML-127] - Rule S5148: update rule type to Security Hotspot and accept using "noopener" without "noreferrer"

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