Release Notes - SonarPython - Version 3.1 - HTML format


  • [SONARPY-783] - Fix parse error on explicit line joining with empty line and dedent
  • [SONARPY-788] - Fix parse error on annotated assignment for Python 3.8

New Feature

  • [SONARPY-740] - RSPEC-5864 Equality between incompatible types
  • [SONARPY-741] - RSPEC-5864 Identity check between incompatible types
  • [SONARPY-742] - RSPEC-5864 Operations on incompatible types
  • [SONARPY-743] - RSPEC-5864 Calling a non-callable type
  • [SONARPY-744] - RSPEC-5864 Item operations should be done on objects supporting them
  • [SONARPY-745] - RSPEC-5864 Iteration operation on a non-iterable type
  • [SONARPY-747] - RSPEC-5864 'raise' used with a non-exception type
  • [SONARPY-751] - RSPEC-5886 Function return types should be consistent with their type hint
  • [SONARPY-778] - RSPEC-5890 Values assigned to variables should match their type annotations
  • [SONARPY-786] - RSPEC-3827 Extract detection of never defined variable in a separate rule (RSPEC-5953)


  • [SONARPY-689] - Update the default regex of rule S100 and S1542 to not raise on short names
  • [SONARPY-690] - Update the default regular expression of rule S101 to not raise on valid PEP-8 class names
  • [SONARPY-700] - Fix FP on S905 when contextlib.supress is used
  • [SONARPY-716] - Rule S3516 raises False Positives on methods which have an implicit return None.
  • [SONARPY-719] - S107 default threshold is too low and it miscounts parameters
  • [SONARPY-720] - Fix FP on S5953 when using wildcard imports
  • [SONARPY-777] - Fix FP on S1764 when expressions contain function calls
  • [SONARPY-780] - Fix FP on ArgumentTypeCheck when parameter is declared as object
  • [SONARPY-785] - Fix FP on S1764 for expressions in try/except blocks
  • [SONARPY-789] - S5953: Avoid raising on names prefixed with underscore

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