Release Notes - SonarPython - Version 2.8 - HTML format


  • [SONARPY-623] - Parse error on backslash before empty line
  • [SONARPY-624] - Parse error on non-ASCII character in identifier
  • [SONARPY-625] - Exception thrown when highlighting symbols in nested f-string

New Feature

  • [SONARPY-482] - Rule S4487: Unread "private" attributes should be removed
  • [SONARPY-483] - Rule S1144: Unused class-private methods should be removed
  • [SONARPY-484] - Rule S3985: Unused private nested classes should be removed
  • [SONARPY-532] - Support assignment expression syntax (Python 3.8)
  • [SONARPY-533] - Support positional-only parameters (Python 3.8)
  • [SONARPY-534] - Iterable unpacking in yield and return statements no longer requires enclosing parentheses (Python 3.8)
  • [SONARPY-540] - Assignment expressions: update LVA-based rules (Python 3.8)
  • [SONARPY-541] - Assignment expressions: update rules targeting assignments (Python 3.8)
  • [SONARPY-542] - Assignment expressions: update rules targeting arguments' expressions (Python 3.8)
  • [SONARPY-543] - Rule S5685: Walrus operator should not make code confusing
  • [SONARPY-579] - Rule S2638: Method overrides should not change contracts
  • [SONARPY-583] - Rule S5717: Function parameters' default values should not be modified or assigned
  • [SONARPY-584] - Rule S5719: Instance and class methods should have at least one parameter
  • [SONARPY-585] - Rule S5720: "self" should be the first argument to instance methods
  • [SONARPY-586] - Rule S2710: The first argument to class methods should follow the naming convention
  • [SONARPY-588] - Rule S5722: Special methods should have an expected number of parameters
  • [SONARPY-589] - Rule S5724: Property getter, setter and deleter methods should have the expected number of parameters


  • [SONARPY-621] - Update symbol table with assignment expressions
  • [SONARPY-630] - Support equal specifiers in f-string (Python 3.8)


  • [SONARPY-628] - FP on S1226 and S1481 when the parameter is used in a raw f-string

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