Release Notes - SonarPython - Version 2.4 - HTML format


  • [SONARPY-545] - Preliminary step of a 'project-level' ST: Generate a Map of exported symbols per module
  • [SONARPY-546] - Populate symbol table with imported symbols on 'import *' statement.
  • [SONARPY-549] - First implementation: function defined and used in the same file
  • [SONARPY-552] - Handle imported class symbols
  • [SONARPY-553] - Improve reporting with secondary locations and better message.


  • [SONARPY-531] - Wrong token positions on nested interpolated strings

New Feature

  • [SONARPY-537] - Rule S930: Arguments passed to a function should match its parameters (without type inference)
  • [SONARPY-538] - Rule S5632: Raised Exceptions must derive from BaseException (without type inference)


  • [SONARPY-535] - FN on S3827: Undefined symbols when 'import *' is used


  • [SONARPY-554] - False Positive raised by S3827 when accessing class attributes during class definition
  • [SONARPY-555] - False Positive raised by S3827 when using named arguments in an f-string

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