Release Notes - SonarPython - Version 1.17 - HTML format


  • [SONARPY-460] - CPD tokens should be provided in the correct order: "IS NOT" and "NOT IN"

New Feature

  • [SONARPY-432] - Support Symbol Highlighting
  • [SONARPY-433] - Rule S3626: Jump statements should not be redundant
  • [SONARPY-442] - Rule S1751: Loops with at most one iteration should be refactored


  • [SONARPY-386] - Migrate Cyclomatic Complexity metric to strongly typed AST
  • [SONARPY-387] - Migrate CPD visitor to strongly typed AST
  • [SONARPY-388] - Migrate Syntax highlighting to strongly typed AST
  • [SONARPY-390] - Migrate metrics (but complexities) to strongly typed AST
  • [SONARPY-400] - Migrate IdenticalExpressionOnBinaryOperatorCheck to strongly typed AST
  • [SONARPY-452] - ExpressionListImpl children should contain commas
  • [SONARPY-453] - Remove duplicate representation of docstring
  • [SONARPY-454] - Fix consistency issues on lastToken method
  • [SONARPY-459] - Handle loops with empty blocks


  • [SONARPY-398] - Rule S1763: raise issue when every branch ends in a jump statement
  • [SONARPY-447] - LineLengthCheck should raise issues on long comments

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