Release Notes - SonarPython - Version 1.16 - HTML format


  • [SONARPY-429] - Migrate FieldNameCheck to strongly typed AST

New Feature

  • [SONARPY-321] - Rule S4787: Encrypting data is security-sensitive
  • [SONARPY-323] - Rule S4792: Configuring loggers is security-sensitive
  • [SONARPY-324] - Rule S2245: Using pseudorandom number generators (PRNGs) is security-sensitive
  • [SONARPY-372] - Rule S5439: HTML autoescape mechanism should not be globally disabled


  • [SONARPY-329] - Symbols' full qualified names resolution: consider alias
  • [SONARPY-391] - Migrate SymbolTable to strongly typed AST to migrate UnusedLocalVariableCheck
  • [SONARPY-394] - Migrate rules based on NewSymbolsAnalyzer to strongly typed AST
  • [SONARPY-401] - SymbolTable should consistently resolve qualified name of nested symbols
  • [SONARPY-414] - SymbolTable: Symbol#qualifiedName based on strongly typed AST
  • [SONARPY-426] - Remove `Tree` suffix and `Py` prefix from AST class names
  • [SONARPY-428] - S1481 should not raise issues on unused imports


  • [SONARPY-349] - Rule S4790: Support PyCrypto and Cryptodome
  • [SONARPY-373] - Rule S4507 should consider in addition to
  • [SONARPY-410] - Improve SelfAssignmentCheck to handle multiple assignments


  • [SONARPY-310] - UselessParenthesisAfterKeywordCheck should not raise issues on generator expressions

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