Release Notes - SonarFlex - Version 2.6 - HTML format


  • [SONARFLEX-88] - S1464: Fix false-positives for named property
  • [SONARFLEX-161] - S1871: Fix IndexOutOfBoundsException for empty switch statements

New Feature

  • [SONARFLEX-163] - Rule S4507 Delivering code in production with debug features activated is security-sensitive



  • [SONARFLEX-85] - Correct Cyclomatic Complexity rule FunctionComplexity
  • [SONARFLEX-87] - Update "too many lines of code" rules to use LoC
  • [SONARFLEX-159] - Remove usage of deprecated methods in ITs
  • [SONARFLEX-162] - Update branding to drop 'SonarFlex'
  • [SONARFLEX-164] - Rule S1444 change type from vulnerability to code smell
  • [SONARFLEX-165] - Deprecate S1951 and merge it with S4507

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