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  • [SONARFLEX-1] - Class complexity should not include complexity of function declared outside the class.
  • [SONARFLEX-2] - Import of coverage result does not work in multi-language mode
  • [SONARFLEX-3] - Rule "Function names should comply with a naming convention" should not be applied for constructors.
  • [SONARFLEX-37] - Rule: Cases in a "(switch|Select Case)" should not have the same condition

New Feature

  • [SONARFLEX-4] - Rule: "Unused local variables should be removed"
  • [SONARFLEX-6] - Rule: "Functions should not have too many lines"
  • [SONARFLEX-7] - Rule "Copyright and license headers should be defined in all source files"
  • [SONARFLEX-8] - Rule: "Classes should be documented"
  • [SONARFLEX-9] - Rule: "Identical switch cases"
  • [SONARFLEX-10] - Rule: ""MovieClip.onEnterFrame" function should not be used"
  • [SONARFLEX-11] - Rule: "Methods should not be empty"
  • [SONARFLEX-12] - Rule: "Use variable in for loop condition"
  • [SONARFLEX-14] - Rule: "The "trace" function should not be used"
  • [SONARFLEX-15] - Rule: "Avoid Object instanciation in loop"
  • [SONARFLEX-16] - Rule: "Class should not have too many fields"
  • [SONARFLEX-17] - Rule: "Nested switch"
  • [SONARFLEX-18] - Update rule: 'The "Object" type should not be used when creating a new variable'
  • [SONARFLEX-22] - Rule: "Public types, methods and fields (API) should be documented with Javadoc"
  • [SONARFLEX-26] - Rule "Unused function parameters should be removed"
  • [SONARFLEX-33] - Rule: " Function must have access modifier"


  • [SONARFLEX-19] - Update rule: "Classes should not have too many methods"
  • [SONARFLEX-20] - Display "sonar.flex.cobertura.reportPath" on the web interface
  • [SONARFLEX-21] - Remove ".mxml" from default list of file suffixes
  • [SONARFLEX-38] - Upgrade sonarqube dependency to last LTS 3.7
  • [SONARFLEX-40] - Update sqale model

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