Release Notes - SonarQube - Version 8.9.2 - HTML format


  • [SONAR-15092] - Security Hotspots Page: "New Code" filter criteria is not applied on Branches of Applications
  • [SONAR-15109] - Project webhooks are listed as global webhooks
  • [SONAR-15115] - File sources for Security Hotspots don't show on application branches
  • [SONAR-15121] - Remove broken permalink from hotspot snippet
  • [SONAR-15122] - Fix Monorepo Bitbucket Report Key generation for long SQ Project Keys
  • [SONAR-15131] - Unexpected Oracle trigger names when upgrading to 8.9
  • [SONAR-15133] - Gitlab project onboarding is failing on
  • [SONAR-15137] - Authentication should not let users create a duplicate account with another Identity Provider
  • [SONAR-15196] - Fix vulnerability with Tomcat when used behind a reverse proxy


  • [SONAR-14831] - Exclude unused dataformat module (cbor, smile, yaml) from SonarQube dependencies
  • [SONAR-15080] - Update pdfbox to Version 2.0.24


  • [SONAR-15032] - Fix formatting on the .NET scanner page

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