Release Notes - SonarQube - Version 7.9.2 - HTML format


  • [SONAR-12334] - Issues with secondary locations don't appear in the snippet view
  • [SONAR-12358] - Fix a vulnerability in Hazelcast
  • [SONAR-12368] - Online documentation is unusable in IE11
  • [SONAR-12398] - Recalculate portfolios at scheduled hours
  • [SONAR-12449] - Issue tracking is missing random issues moved to other lines
  • [SONAR-12513] - Last used date of quality profiles is no more updated
  • [SONAR-12663] - Fail to migrate to 7.9 when there are 2 quality gate conditions on the same metric
  • [SONAR-12666] - Groups with permission are no more at the top when large number of groups
  • [SONAR-12704] - [Azure DevOps] Missing issues statuses binding for PR Decoration
  • [SONAR-12736] - SQ fails to load built-in QP with deprecated key of other plugin
  • [SONAR-12758] - Security report page doesn't deal properly with the current branch
  • [SONAR-12770] - Update Java requirements


  • [SONAR-12294] - Update Requirement for NodeJS to >= 8 for SonarCSS, TS, and JS
  • [SONAR-12348] - Update extension documentation

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