Release Notes - SonarSwift - Version 4.3 - HTML format


  • [SONARSWIFT-447] - Fix parsing error: protocol subscript declaration with where-clause
  • [SONARSWIFT-450] - Fix parsing error for closure parameters with missing label name
  • [SONARSWIFT-463] - Fix parsing error for "import" with import-kind "let"
  • [SONARSWIFT-465] - Fix parsing error for propertyWrapper attributes
  • [SONARSWIFT-468] - Fix parsing error on a new line in the platform condition of the # directive
  • [SONARSWIFT-469] - Fix parsing error on prefix and postfix operators followed by infix-operator-group
  • [SONARSWIFT-470] - Fix parsing error for operator names starting with ".", e.g. ".==", ".!=", ".<", etc
  • [SONARSWIFT-471] - Fix parsing error on "unsafeAddress" and "unsafeMutableAddress" accessors
  • [SONARSWIFT-475] - Fix parsing error for "#fileID" and "#filePath" special literals
  • [SONARSWIFT-476] - Fix parsing error for directive with trailing multiline style "/*" comment
  • [SONARSWIFT-477] - Fix parsing error for function with implicit return of closure expression
  • [SONARSWIFT-478] - Fix parsing error when directive appear as first element in switch statement body
  • [SONARSWIFT-481] - Fix parsing error when have multiple tuple members access
  • [SONARSWIFT-482] - Fix unhandled ambiguity in PATTERN
  • [SONARSWIFT-483] - Fix parsing error when function argument default is an operator

New Feature

  • [SONARSWIFT-442] - Rule S5547: Cipher algorithms should be robust
  • [SONARSWIFT-457] - Rule S4790: Using weak hashing algorithms is security-sensitive
  • [SONARSWIFT-459] - Add support for Swift 5.2 Key Path Expressions as Functions
  • [SONARSWIFT-460] - Add support for Swift 5.3 Multi-Pattern Catch Clauses
  • [SONARSWIFT-461] - Add support for Swift 5.3 Multiple Trailing Closures
  • [SONARSWIFT-462] - Add support for Swift 5.1 Default Arguments In Enum Cases


  • [SONARSWIFT-451] - Update dependencies on Apache commons-io and commons-collections



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