Release Notes - SonarSwift - Version 1.2 - HTML format


  • [SONARSWIFT-97] - Construction of Syntax Tree for big lists should not cause StackOverflowError
  • [SONARSWIFT-104] - Underscore sign should not be defined as unused local variable
  • [SONARSWIFT-105] - Parse Error: PROTOCOL_MEMBER_DECLARATION can end with semicolon
  • [SONARSWIFT-107] - Lexing column error
  • [SONARSWIFT-109] - Parse Error: function parameter can have attribute
  • [SONARSWIFT-110] - Parse Error: TYPE_CASTING_OPERATOR could be "as! Type"
  • [SONARSWIFT-111] - Parse Error: preprocessor directive could be used inside declaration
  • [SONARSWIFT-112] - Parse Error: "where" clause (GUARD_CLAUSE) can appear in condition
  • [SONARSWIFT-113] - Parsing string literals causes "String index out of range"

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