Release Notes - SonarRPG - Version 1.3 - HTML format


  • [SONARRPG-92] - Parse error in name continuation which is not continued
  • [SONARRPG-93] - Support constant definitions without the CONST keyword

New Feature

  • [SONARRPG-96] - Rule: Prototypes should be used
  • [SONARRPG-97] - Rule: Subprocedures should not reference global variables
  • [SONARRPG-98] - Rule: "/COPY" statements should include specification letters
  • [SONARRPG-99] - Rule: Comment lines should not be too long
  • [SONARRPG-101] - Rule: Nested blocks of code should not be left empty
  • [SONARRPG-102] - Rule: Operation codes and reserved words should be in upper case
  • [SONARRPG-103] - Rule: Unused subprocedures should be removed


  • [SONARRPG-95] - Upgrade SonarQube dependency to 4.5.1 (new LTS)


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