Release Notes - SonarCFamily - Version 6.27 - HTML format


  • [CPP-3256] - Fix detection of PCH entry point
  • [CPP-3274] - S6045: Custom-functors may not have behavior equivalent to less<>, equal_to<>
  • [CPP-3289] - CLion fix msvc builtin include directories
  • [CPP-3298] - Disable PCH with Objective-C

New Feature

  • [CPP-2918] - Rule S6195: "std::enable_if" should not be used
  • [CPP-2949] - Rule S6236: Rvalue reference members should not be copied accidentally
  • [CPP-2961] - Rule S6200: Detect 'volatile' used in structured bindings, return types and function parameters
  • [CPP-3017] - Rule S6226: Empty class members should be marked as "[[no_unique_address]]"
  • [CPP-3021] - Rule S6225: "std::to_address" should be used to convert contiguous iterators to raw pointers
  • [CPP-3025] - Rule S6229: "std::chrono" components should be used to operate on time
  • [CPP-3031] - Rule S6230: Comparison operators ("<=>", "==") should be defaulted unless non-default behavior is required


  • [CPP-3264] - Allow in tester to specify smart offsets for lines
  • [CPP-3290] - Fix incompatibility with lit version 13.0.0


  • [CPP-2722] - S6045: update with unordered_* containers
  • [CPP-3142] - S954: Improve secondary locations
  • [CPP-3271] - S831, S958, S1000, S1003, S5318 Fix false-positives and false-negatives in SonarLint
  • [CPP-3275] - S6021: Extend the rule to cover equality for unordered containers
  • [CPP-3280] - S6021,S6045,S6231: Support members inherited from base class
  • [CPP-3299] - S1709: Silence the rule for conditional explicit specifiers

False Negative

  • [CPP-3084] - S6023: Fix false-negative when value is moved from optional

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