Release Notes - SonarCFamily - Version 6.26 - HTML format


  • [CPP-3258] - Subprocess for SonarLint mode: fix reading preamble and reproducer flags
  • [CPP-3261] - Fix crash when using Preamble and target triple is unknown

New Feature

  • [CPP-2968] - Rule S6221: Concept names should comply with a naming convention
  • [CPP-3000] - Rule S6232: "std::bit_cast" should be used instead of union type-punning
  • [CPP-3011] - Rule S6231: "std::string_view" and "std::span" parameters should be directly constructed from sequences
  • [CPP-3219] - Rule S6352: The return value of std::move should be used as an argument to a function call


  • [CPP-3020] - Aggregates can be constructed directly via emplace functions
  • [CPP-3236] - S1235: RSPEC contains wrong description
  • [CPP-3251] - Delegated creators related rules (S6011,S6003,S6033,S6030) behave inconsistently
  • [CPP-3260] - SonarLint CLion: Save file content in reproducer


  • [CPP-3054] - S5495: Fix false-positive on use of init-capture that do not capture scoped variables
  • [CPP-3081] - S1110: Fix false-positive on decltype(auto) and parenthized initializer
  • [CPP-3085] - S6023: Fix false-positive when different optional are checked and derefenced
  • [CPP-3133] - S874: False positive when combining operations due to integer promotion
  • [CPP-3141] - S871, S5303: False positive for explicit constructor calls with a parameter of implicit type
  • [CPP-3241] - S856: False positive when typedefs and aliases to void* are used
  • [CPP-3246] - S1705: FP when the returned value is actually used
  • [CPP-3259] - S874: Adapt to changes in C++20

False Negative

  • [CPP-3082] - S6023: Fix false-negative on 'optional' on class type with non-trivial-assigment
  • [CPP-3127] - S6011: Fix false-negatives for large temporaries with non-trivial destructors
  • [CPP-3179] - S5995: Issue is not raised for dependent type variable captured by copy for C++11
  • [CPP-3253] - S5827: False negative for list-initialized objects
  • [CPP-3255] - S3743: FN when one of the throwing paths is not on the user side

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