Release Notes - SonarCFamily - Version 6.24 - HTML format


  • [CPP-3089] - Fix assertion failure in the dead-stores rule
  • [CPP-3165] - Clang Driver: Handle Windows case-insensitive environment variable name in MinGW environment
  • [CPP-3206] - MSVC Driver: Handle Windows case-insensitive environment variable('INCLUDE')

New Feature

  • [CPP-2688] - Rule S6223: Result of the standard remove algorithms should not be ignored
  • [CPP-2995] - SonarLint CLion: Add support for remote and WSL toolchains
  • [CPP-3009] - Rule S6222: "nodiscard" attributes on types should include explanations
  • [CPP-3019] - Rule S6228: "std::has_single_bit" should be used to test if an integer is a power of two
  • [CPP-3163] - Remove symbolic execution detected issues on infeasible execution paths


  • [CPP-3166] - Fix FindZ3.cmake to support static libraries and Windows
  • [CPP-3169] - Apply D85528: Fix cast evaluation on scoped enums in ExprEngine
  • [CPP-3176] - Update test infrastructure to support running lit test with multiple C++ standards


  • [CPP-3121] - Fix inconsistent behaviour of the different ways of extracting CalleeIdentifier in CSA
  • [CPP-3159] - Infer TargetInfo in case of GCC probe and undefined triple
  • [CPP-3205] - Add analysis cache miss reason to debug log


  • [CPP-3032] - S3230: Fix false positive when field initial value would only be used once
  • [CPP-3072] - S5421: False positive for global function pointers
  • [CPP-3143] - PPIncludeNotAtTop(S954): FP when #include is inside of extern "C" block
  • [CPP-3170] - S6166: Fix false positive when analyzing C++17 (or earlier)


  • [CPP-3167] - Update "misra" and "based-on-misra" documentation
  • [CPP-3168] - Add documentation about our tests and dogfood branches

False Negative

  • [CPP-3171] - S5277: Fix false negative for [[nodiscard]] when it has a message (since C++20)

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