Release Notes - SonarCFamily - Version 6.8 - HTML format


  • [CPP-2458] - Fix IllegalArgumentException when cache enabled
  • [CPP-2459] - Probe of compiler should call executable with original argv[0]
  • [CPP-2463] - aarch64: __float128 is not supported on this target
  • [CPP-2465] - Fix parsing error with VS2019 on MSVC C++20 "conditional explicit"

New Feature

  • [CPP-2471] - Detect buffer overflow when calling 'read'


  • [CPP-2426] - S1242: Improve reporting when a full overload set is concerned
  • [CPP-2428] - S1448: Template method are not counted
  • [CPP-2433] - S3728: Merge subsequent issues into single issue with secondary locations
  • [CPP-2435] - Deprecate rules that can be misleading
  • [CPP-2470] - SonarLint: Restrict rules scope to main compilation unit


  • [CPP-2380] - S127: Fix false-positive and false-negative by using the MutationAnalyzer
  • [CPP-2383] - S814: Fix false-positive by excluding enum bitfield and new standards
  • [CPP-2412] - S3654: Fix false-positives with nested classes
  • [CPP-2421] - S1151: Fix FP linked to counting the outermost curly braces
  • [CPP-2431] - S1314: Fix FP with some special ways of writing 0 and permissions
  • [CPP-2454] - S5500: Fix false positive related to "templated almost-move constructor"
  • [CPP-2456] - S3230: Fix false-positives with bit field
  • [CPP-2460] - S5213: Fix false-positives with virtual functions
  • [CPP-2477] - S984: Fix false-positives with placement new
  • [CPP-2479] - S3696: Fix false-positives by whitelisting throw with type dependent object
  • [CPP-2480] - S2807: Fix false-positives by excluding asymmetrical operators

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