Release Notes - SonarABAP - Version 3.3 - HTML format


  • [SONARABAP-285] - S2241: 'SELECT SINGLE' cannot have 'ORDER BY' clause
  • [SONARABAP-296] - FP S2241 on aggregate statements
  • [SONARABAP-299] - Linear remediation function cost is not provided by the concerned rules

New Feature

  • [SONARABAP-240] - Rule: "SORTED" or "HASHED" internal tables should be accessed with a key
  • [SONARABAP-291] - [Rule] Two branches in the same conditional structure should not have exactly the same implementation
  • [SONARABAP-292] - [Rule] Related "if/else if" statements should not have the same condition
  • [SONARABAP-293] - [Rule] Identical expressions should not be used on both sides of a binary operator
  • [SONARABAP-294] - [Rule] Variables should not be self-assigned



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