Release Notes - SonarSlang - Version 1.1 - HTML format


New Feature


  • [SONARSLANG-62] - Exclude Kotlin "import" declarations from duplication detection
  • [SONARSLANG-96] - "Sources" link on documentation headers of SLANG based analyzers should point to SLANG repo
  • [SONARSLANG-100] - Backbone of SonarRuby Plugin
  • [SONARSLANG-101] - Setup ITs for SonarRuby
  • [SONARSLANG-102] - Create SonarRuby artifact (sonar-ruby-plugin.jar) from SLang repo
  • [SONARSLANG-177] - Run CI on Windows machine


  • [SONARSLANG-91] - Support `throw` in S1763 (Dead code after jump)
  • [SONARSLANG-147] - Catch runtime during parsing Ruby
  • [SONARSLANG-149] - Slang: fix consistency between issue messages
  • [SONARSLANG-174] - S4144 (DuplicatedFunctionImplementationCheck) should not ignore literal values during syntactic equivalence evaluation
  • [SONARSLANG-176] - Reduce size of the Ruby plugin


  • [SONARSLANG-95] - S1125: Kotlin raises FP for nullable Boolean variables

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