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New Feature

  • [SONARSLANG-1] - Rule S100: Function names should comply with a naming convention
  • [SONARSLANG-2] - Rule S4144: Functions should not have identical implementations
  • [SONARSLANG-3] - Syntax highlighting
  • [SONARSLANG-4] - Rule S1172: Unused function parameters should be removed
  • [SONARSLANG-5] - Rule S1125: Boolean literals should not be redundant
  • [SONARSLANG-6] - Rule S1066: Collapsible "if" statements should be merged
  • [SONARSLANG-7] - Rule S1871: Two branches in a conditional structure should not have exactly the same implementation
  • [SONARSLANG-8] - Rule S1821: "switch" statements should not be nested
  • [SONARSLANG-9] - Rule S138: Functions should not have too many lines of code
  • [SONARSLANG-10] - Rule S134: Control flow statements "if", "for", "while", "switch" and "try" should not be nested too deeply
  • [SONARSLANG-11] - Rule S1192: String literals should not be duplicated
  • [SONARSLANG-14] - Compute "statements" metric
  • [SONARSLANG-16] - Compute "classes" metric
  • [SONARSLANG-17] - Compute "comment_lines", "functions" and "ncloc" metrics
  • [SONARSLANG-18] - Compute "cognitive_complexity" metric (Cognitive Complexity)
  • [SONARSLANG-20] - Compute "complexity" metric (Cyclomatic Complexity)
  • [SONARSLANG-22] - Support the import of Android Lint issues reports
  • [SONARSLANG-26] - Rule S1134: Track uses of "FIXME" tags
  • [SONARSLANG-30] - Rule S126: "if ... else if" constructs should end with "else" clauses
  • [SONARSLANG-32] - Rule S2068: Credentials should not be hard-coded
  • [SONARSLANG-34] - Detect Code Duplications (CPD)
  • [SONARSLANG-36] - Rule S1481: Unused local variables should be removed
  • [SONARSLANG-37] - Rule S103: Lines should not be too long
  • [SONARSLANG-38] - Rule S104: Files should not have too many lines of code
  • [SONARSLANG-40] - Rule S1186: Functions should not be empty
  • [SONARSLANG-41] - Rule S1145: Useless "if(true) {...}" and "if(false){...}" blocks should be removed
  • [SONARSLANG-42] - Rule S1479: "switch" statements should not have too many "case" clauses
  • [SONARSLANG-46] - Rule S1151: "switch case" clauses should not have too many lines of code
  • [SONARSLANG-48] - Rule S122: Statements should be on separate lines
  • [SONARSLANG-49] - Rule S1313: IP addresses should not be hardcoded
  • [SONARSLANG-50] - Rule S101: Class names should comply with a naming convention
  • [SONARSLANG-51] - Rule S117: Local variable and function parameter names should comply with a naming convention
  • [SONARSLANG-56] - Enable in Kotlin S4663 "Comments should not be empty"
  • [SONARSLANG-58] - [Kotlin] Rule S125: Sections of code should not be commented out
  • [SONARSLANG-59] - Rule: Track lack of copyright and license headers
  • [SONARSLANG-60] - Rule: Unused "private" methods should be removed
  • [SONARSLANG-61] - Rule: Jump statements should not be followed by dead code
  • [SONARSLANG-63] - Rule: Cognitive Complexity of functions should not be too high
  • [SONARSLANG-71] - Support the import of Detekt issues reports
  • [SONARSLANG-73] - Rule S1110: Redundant pairs of parentheses should be removed
  • [SONARSLANG-74] - Rule S105: Tabulation characters should not be used
  • [SONARSLANG-78] - Rule S1067: Expressions should not be too complex
  • [SONARSLANG-80] - Rule S1940: Boolean checks should not be inverted




  • [SONARSLANG-57] - FP: "main" function parameters shouldn't be considered as unused

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