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  • [SONARTSQL-134] - Parse error on CREATE SCHEMA...AUTHORIZATION with delimited identifier
  • [SONARTSQL-135] - Parse error on OFFSET clause in ORDER BY
  • [SONARTSQL-137] - Parse error on "RESTORE VERIFYONLY"

New Feature

  • [SONARTSQL-49] - Rule S4104: "COALESCE", "IIF", and "CASE" input expressions should not contain subqueries
  • [SONARTSQL-74] - Rule S3650: "WHERE" clauses should not contain redundant conditions
  • [SONARTSQL-93] - Rule S104: Files should not have too many lines of code
  • [SONARTSQL-98] - Rule S1067: Expressions should not be too complex
  • [SONARTSQL-100] - Rule S126: "if ... else if" constructs should end with "else" clauses
  • [SONARTSQL-105] - Rule S1313: IP addresses should not be hardcoded
  • [SONARTSQL-108] - Rule S1451: Track lack of copyright and license headers
  • [SONARTSQL-112] - Rule S2068: Credentials should not be hard-coded
  • [SONARTSQL-123] - Rule S3626: Jump statements should not be redundant
  • [SONARTSQL-130] - Rule S1940: Boolean checks should not be inverted
  • [SONARTSQL-131] - Rule S2070: SHA-1 and Message-Digest hash algorithms should not be used
  • [SONARTSQL-132] - Rule S1614: A primary key should be specified during table creation
  • [SONARTSQL-139] - Rule S4801: "SELECT" statements used as argument of "EXISTS" statements should be selective
  • [SONARTSQL-140] - Rule S3641: Nullable subqueries should not be used in "NOT IN" conditions
  • [SONARTSQL-141] - Support the Security Hotspot issue type
  • [SONARTSQL-142] - Populate Security Standards data for Security Hotspots and Vulnerabilities rules
  • [SONARTSQL-143] - Rule S4819: "NOCOUNT" should be activated on "PROCEDURE" and "TRIGGER" definitions
  • [SONARTSQL-144] - Rule S4820: Track lack of SQL Server session configuration



  • [SONARTSQL-136] - Support service broker statements (SEND, RECEIVE...)
  • [SONARTSQL-138] - Support "CREATE INDEX" where the "WITH" clause does not use parentheses
  • [SONARTSQL-151] - Update SSLR to 1.23

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