Release Notes - [MOVED TO GITHUB] SonarQube Scanner for MSBuild - Version 4.0 - HTML format


  • [SONARMSBRU-337] - Directory cleaning in multi-threaded builds may cause failures when using Microsoft Fakes
  • [SONARMSBRU-354] - Add file to root module if it's located in multiple modules with same base directory
  • [SONARMSBRU-359] - Multi-platform builds only analyse one platform unless /t:rebuild is specified


  • [SONARMSBRU-279] - Move the codebase to .NET Core to allow usage on Linux/MacOS
  • [SONARMSBRU-342] - Don't copy target file into the import before of MSBuild 12


  • [SONARMSBRU-310] - Support .NET Core CLI tools
  • [SONARMSBRU-319] - Update the Scanner for MSBuild to support mono execution and so run on Unix and Mac
  • [SONARMSBRU-331] - Add support for shared projects
  • [SONARMSBRU-338] - Stop supporting the configuration and execution of FXCop
  • [SONARMSBRU-351] - Allow results from multiple compilations of the same project to be reported to SonarQube

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