Release Notes - [MOVED TO GITHUB] SonarJS - Version 2.21 - HTML format

New Feature

  • [SONARJS-902] - SE: Execute function call to calculate single return value constraint


  • [SONARJS-774] - Use InputFile::charset instead of Filesystem::encoding
  • [SONARJS-849] - Fix false-negative on strict equality relations on expressions with single possible value
  • [SONARJS-853] - Improve ArrayCallbackWithoutReturnCheck: function declaration outside method call
  • [SONARJS-867] - SE: Track whether numbers can be positive or negative
  • [SONARJS-873] - FN ValuesNotConvertibleToNumbersCheck (S3758): Cover NaN operand value
  • [SONARJS-890] - Improve NullDereferenceCheck to cover any kind of dereferenced expression
  • [SONARJS-894] - Read files through InputFile API rather than directly from
  • [SONARJS-899] - Improve InfiniteLoopCheck: account for simple value ranges
  • [SONARJS-901] - Do not perform irrelevant actions in SonarLint context
  • [SONARJS-903] - With SQ < 6.2 use executable_lines_data for zero coverage calculation
  • [SONARJS-907] - Remove from default value of 'sonar.javascript.globals' names duplicated by default of 'sonar.javascript.environments'
  • [SONARJS-908] - SE: when executing function call, map constraints between arguments and parameters
  • [SONARJS-909] - Extend CommaOperatorInSwitchCaseCheck (S3616): cover 'or' expressions
  • [SONARJS-911] - Update description in POM
  • [SONARJS-919] - Update pom: remove Organization URL


  • [SONARJS-905] - FP AlwaysTrueOrFalseConditionCheck : ternary operator imitation

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