Release Notes - SonarQube - Version 7.6 - HTML format


  • [SONAR-11649] - Add upgrade note regarding the incompatibility with Sonar-Findbugs


  • [SONAR-11103] - Missing technical debt when issues on leak period have no debt
  • [SONAR-11225] - NPE when using RelativePathPredicate with a path starting by ".."
  • [SONAR-11492] - Second analysis of a long-lived branch is using wrong leak version
  • [SONAR-11493] - Sometimes the issues on the same module or same line were mixed up
  • [SONAR-11537] - Fix intermittent failures to create Check Run at end of analysis
  • [SONAR-11559] - Zoom in bubble charts should be centered on the mouse
  • [SONAR-11578] - Wrong hidden files count in the Measures page
  • [SONAR-11605] - No changed lines detected in P/Rs if target branch is not explicitly specified
  • [SONAR-11608] - Conditional formatting broken when used within a table
  • [SONAR-11622] - Server temp files fail to be deleted on MS Windows

New Feature

  • [SONAR-11532] - Transition existing decorations with Reviews in favor of Checks (best effort)


  • [SONAR-11460] - Convert folder/module level issues to root project issues
  • [SONAR-11471] - Stop providing RulesProfile on scanner side
  • [SONAR-11476] - Stop supporting homepage and other space pages for modules and directories
  • [SONAR-11477] - Drop UI for updating module keys
  • [SONAR-11484] - Move InputFileFilter at project level
  • [SONAR-11486] - Move post-job at project level
  • [SONAR-11488] - Stop loading module level settings from server
  • [SONAR-11507] - Change WS /batch/project to stop referring to modules
  • [SONAR-11509] - Ignore module and folder level measures in Sensor API
  • [SONAR-11520] - Clear old module level settings and raise an analysis warning
  • [SONAR-11536] - Make the details URL in Check Run point to the PR in SonarCloud
  • [SONAR-11567] - Update SonarC# and SonarVB
  • [SONAR-11573] - Remove computation of differential measures (ComputeMeasureVariationsStep)
  • [SONAR-11577] - Migrate quality gate conditions using warning, period, and no-longer-supported operations


  • [SONAR-7938] - Display if deprecated rule is inherited
  • [SONAR-10058] - Colorblind-friendly coverage indicators in the code margin
  • [SONAR-10062] - Improve the way we truncate component names in project dashboard
  • [SONAR-10180] - Drop the ability to keep history of directory measures
  • [SONAR-10649] - Provide badge inclusion & link markdown
  • [SONAR-10853] - Web API page has different behavior for Deprecated flag and Internal flag
  • [SONAR-11204] - Colorblind friendly banners
  • [SONAR-11282] - Enhance embedded docs navigation sidebar
  • [SONAR-11329] - Project name in the header should not be styled as a link
  • [SONAR-11409] - Enable rule activation from the Compare page
  • [SONAR-11421] - Decorate GitHub Pull Requests with a Check Run at end of analysis
  • [SONAR-11422] - Update GitHub Pull Request Check Run on issue change
  • [SONAR-11423] - Add summary text in GitHub Pull Request Check Run
  • [SONAR-11444] - Edit issue comment form should not close automatically when selecting code
  • [SONAR-11459] - Deprecate folder/module level issues
  • [SONAR-11463] - Migrate projects containing modules
  • [SONAR-11464] - Only load files from Scanner Report
  • [SONAR-11465] - Deprecate module and task level extensions
  • [SONAR-11472] - Highlight the most relevant match when searching in documentation
  • [SONAR-11478] - Update the tree view on the Measures page
  • [SONAR-11479] - Display the measures of the currently selected directory on the Measures page
  • [SONAR-11480] - Make coverage exclusions evaluated using project relative path
  • [SONAR-11508] - Make source/test inclusions/exclusions evaluated using project relative path
  • [SONAR-11519] - Fix description of api/users/update
  • [SONAR-11530] - Change Generic coverage/test reports sensors to be global Sensors
  • [SONAR-11535] - Show issue counts in summary of Checks matching the numbers in SonarCloud UI
  • [SONAR-11548] - Fail CE if SLB/PR targets a branch containing modules
  • [SONAR-11562] - Decorate PR head for merge-commit-based builds
  • [SONAR-11565] - Blank treemap view on new code metrics when there's no new code
  • [SONAR-11570] - Drop differential periods on quality gate conditions
  • [SONAR-11571] - Drop warning thresholds on quality gate conditions
  • [SONAR-11572] - Limit the list of possible operators of quality gate conditions
  • [SONAR-11587] - Make issue inclusions/exclusions evaluated using project relative path
  • [SONAR-11588] - Reorganize summary content to be more natural
  • [SONAR-11593] - Upgrade code analyzers to latest released versions
  • [SONAR-11594] - Support passing the scanner authentication token with $SONAR_TOKEN
  • [SONAR-11598] - Make duplication exclusions evaluated using project relative path
  • [SONAR-11606] - Stop excluding directories starting with a dot on Windows
  • [SONAR-11610] - Create api/users/update_login WS
  • [SONAR-11613] - Merge project creation tutorials
  • [SONAR-11614] - Make display name optional during project creation
  • [SONAR-11615] - Drop "sonar.onboardingTutorial.showToNewUsers" setting
  • [SONAR-11616] - Selected activity graph should be saved per project
  • [SONAR-11619] - Remove cursor pointer on labels
  • [SONAR-11632] - Drop the deprecated Web API api/tests
  • [SONAR-11651] - Remove warning filter in the Projects page and explain the drop

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