Release Notes - SonarQube - Version 6.7.4 - HTML format


  • [SONAR-9218] - Purge rows in CE_SCANNER_CONTEXT DB table after 4 weeks instead of 6 months currently
  • [SONAR-10564] - Exception when opening rule description in Google Chrome on MacOS
  • [SONAR-10569] - It's no longer possible to change the default visibility of new projects
  • [SONAR-10607] - bootstrap.system_call_filter=false should be replicated in the generated elasticsearch.yml
  • [SONAR-10608] - Vulnerabilities in Jackson JSON parser
  • [SONAR-10648] - CPD exclusions are not properly applied with SonarC#
  • [SONAR-10658] - Prevent Scanner Context from being too big
  • [SONAR-10661] - Fix ZipUtils vulnerability
  • [SONAR-10692] - Issues page is not robust enough and break with a js error if a user doesn't exist

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