Release Notes - SonarQube - Version 6.7.2 - HTML format


  • [SONAR-10215] - DB migration #1642 may fail with IllegalStateException
  • [SONAR-10217] - Web service api/issues/search returns error 500 if the parameter "branch" has an incorrect value
  • [SONAR-10236] - Cannot bulk activate/deactivate rules when using a web context
  • [SONAR-10258] - Missing information about uncovered conditions on a line
  • [SONAR-10296] - Connection to PostgreSQL database fails if SOCKS proxy is enabled
  • [SONAR-10297] - Compute Engine tasks should not be processed more than once
  • [SONAR-10323] - Analyzing a branch of a project should require only 'Execute Analysis' permission
  • [SONAR-10356] - Oracle error ORA-01795 on some web services involving more than 1'000 projects
  • [SONAR-10407] - Upgrade to version 6.3+ fails in DB migration #1509 on column "ORGANIZATIONS.DEFAULT_PERM_TEMPLATE"
  • [SONAR-10409] - Fail to mark a permission template as default
  • [SONAR-10410] - Rule#getSystemTags is always empty when retrieved through RuleFinder
  • [SONAR-10414] - Missing l10n message in Marketplace
  • [SONAR-10438] - Fix XSS issues


  • [SONAR-10420] - Drop support of MySQL in Data Center Edition


  • [SONAR-10246] - Fix documentation about synchronization of default group when using SSO authentication

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