Release Notes - SonarQube - Version 6.7.1 - HTML format


  • [SONAR-8216] - System info page fails when a setting is defined both in and in DB
  • [SONAR-10054] - JS error when changing the severity of a rule for a quality profile
  • [SONAR-10057] - Fix support of PostgreSQL 10.0
  • [SONAR-10060] - System Info page fails with "Cannot call reset() after response has been committed"
  • [SONAR-10067] - Global admin cannot restore project admin permission any other way than applying permission template
  • [SONAR-10072] - Styling issue with the Quality Gate of an Application (Governance)
  • [SONAR-10076] - Impossible to create a Quality Profile using IE11
  • [SONAR-10123] - Fail to bulk change issues on branches of private projects
  • [SONAR-10131] - Purge of db table project_measures is incomplete
  • [SONAR-10159] - Sub-portofolios and projects are not sorted by type
  • [SONAR-10176] - Notifications to global administrators should not be sent to project admins
  • [SONAR-10177] - Impossible to open issues of a pinned file
  • [SONAR-10191] - Export quality profile action is not passing correct parameters
  • [SONAR-10194] - Issues are matched too aggressively leading to false negative
  • [SONAR-10210] - Fix performance hotspot in DB migration #1267
  • [SONAR-10214] - Deprecated value of "qualityProfile" should be "name" in api/qualityprofiles/export
  • [SONAR-10216] - Tests with long names can't be indexed

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