Release Notes - SonarQube - Version 5.6.4 - HTML format


  • [SONAR-8387] - Backport fix of SSF-51 Item #1
  • [SONAR-8421] - WS api/issues/changelog fails at line
  • [SONAR-8436] - Web service "api/rules/tags" fails if parameter "q" contains invalid characters
  • [SONAR-8437] - The facets involved in web services do not correctly unescape characters of selected value
  • [SONAR-8447] - Deadlock-like in Compute Engine on SQLServer
  • [SONAR-8454] - Background task failure on project kee unicity violation after SQ 5.6 upgrade
  • [SONAR-8461] - WS api/languages/list does not escape the parameter "q"
  • [SONAR-8462] - WS api/rules/repositories does not escape the parameter "q"

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