Release Notes - SonarQube - Version 5.6.2 - HTML format


  • [SONAR-7896] - Analysis fails if SonarQube runs as a Windows Service
  • [SONAR-7941] - When l10n bundle is corrupted or missing UI fails to render
  • [SONAR-7945] - Remove useless word in Issue widget
  • [SONAR-7955] - Localization message "x_of_y_shown" is missing in the bundle
  • [SONAR-7961] - Not possible to update quality profile of a project
  • [SONAR-7996] - Rounding of technical debt is not accurate
  • [SONAR-7997] - Migration FeedFileSources fails with "unique constraint FILE_SOURCES_FILE_UUID_UNIQ violated"
  • [SONAR-8033] - Gravatar support does not perform toLower before hashing
  • [SONAR-8036] - Code page does not expand root directory properly
  • [SONAR-8049] - Inaccurate links to issues page from issues widget
  • [SONAR-8075] - Inconsistent search of issues on machines with more than 12 CPU cores
  • [SONAR-8085] - Fix SSF-49
  • [SONAR-8086] - Fix SSF-50
  • [SONAR-8091] - "All" option of "New Issues" facet works wrong


  • [SONAR-7884] - Update Center must be accessed through HTTPS
  • [SONAR-7897] - Update measures on the Projects page
  • [SONAR-8000] - Redirect to login page if WS returns 401

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