Release Notes - SonarQube - Version 4.5.6 - HTML format


  • [SONAR-6375] - When the syntax highlightning is off, the component viewer show unescaped html
  • [SONAR-6663] - Disable DSM computation on views
  • [SONAR-6774] - Support the character # as the first one of a Group Name
  • [SONAR-6781] - Quality Gate Search doesn't work with _ (underscores)
  • [SONAR-6783] - Backport fix for SSF-10 'Prevent Clickjacking' in LTS
  • [SONAR-6814] - Measures Drilldown fails to load when period is selected
  • [SONAR-6847] - NullPointerException might happen when analysing a Java project and when the rule 'squid:S1228' is activated
  • [SONAR-6877] - XSS on Configure Dashboard on highlight field
  • [SONAR-6878] - XSS on ServerID Configuration Page
  • [SONAR-6880] - Session should be reset upon successful login


  • [SONAR-6547] - Run one-time migration to clear the overloaded SQALE info on the Rules table
  • [SONAR-6837] - Increase the read-timeout of any call to a SQ WS to 1 minute and make this timeout configurable
  • [SONAR-6881] - Disable OPTIONS and TRACE methods of web server

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