Release Notes - SonarSwift - Version 4.0 - HTML format



  • [SONARSWIFT-321] - FP S1854 DeadStoreCheck: wrong symbol resolution for conditional binding
  • [SONARSWIFT-322] - FP S1854 DeadStoreCheck: assignment to tuple
  • [SONARSWIFT-378] - FP S4184: consider private(set) as a correct way to protect a variable against external writing
  • [SONARSWIFT-382] - FP S2969: call inside conditional clause


New Feature

  • [SONARSWIFT-380] - Rule S2070: SHA-1 and Message-Digest hash algorithms should not be used
  • [SONARSWIFT-381] - Rule S2278: Neither DES (Data Encryption Standard) nor DESede (3DES) should be used
  • [SONARSWIFT-387] - Populate Security Standards data for Security Hotspots and Vulnerabilities rules
  • [SONARSWIFT-388] - Support the Security Hotspot issue type
  • [SONARSWIFT-390] - Support import of SwiftLint issues



  • [SONARSWIFT-374] - Empty functions are not considered as executable lines and therefore no coverage is expected on it
  • [SONARSWIFT-384] - S1313 - should not report issue for loopback, broadcast and non-routable address
  • [SONARSWIFT-403] - Update S3083 to support Swift >3.0 operator syntax
  • [SONARSWIFT-404] - Misc for Swift 2 support removal

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