Release Notes - SonarSwift - Version 3.3 - HTML format



  • [SONARSWIFT-365] - FP S1481: variable declared inside compiler directives


  • [SONARSWIFT-351] - Parse Error: ambiguity in "case is SomeType?"
  • [SONARSWIFT-373] - UnconditionalJumpStatementCheck should not fail on labeled statement

New Feature

  • [SONARSWIFT-275] - Rule S3923: All branches in a conditional structure should not have exactly the same implementation
  • [SONARSWIFT-301] - Rule: Methods should not have identical implementations
  • [SONARSWIFT-345] - Rule: Collection elements should not be replaced unconditionally
  • [SONARSWIFT-346] - Rule: Ternary operators should not be nested
  • [SONARSWIFT-347] - Rule: Functions should not have too many parameters
  • [SONARSWIFT-349] - Rule: Functions should not have too many lines of code
  • [SONARSWIFT-350] - Rule: Boolean literals should not be redundant
  • [SONARSWIFT-352] - Rule: Useless "if(true) {...}" and "if(false){...}" blocks should be removed
  • [SONARSWIFT-353] - Rule: String literals should not be duplicated
  • [SONARSWIFT-355] - Rule: "switch" statements should not have too many "case" clauses
  • [SONARSWIFT-356] - Rule: Multiple variables should not be declared on the same line
  • [SONARSWIFT-358] - Rule: "catch" clauses should do more than rethrow
  • [SONARSWIFT-376] - Rule S1940: Boolean checks should not be inverted


  • [SONARSWIFT-362] - Update OWASP tags to be compliant with OWASP Top 10 2017
  • [SONARSWIFT-370] - Update rule "Sequential tests should not check the same condition"

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