Release Notes - SonarSwift - Version 2.1 - HTML format


  • [SONARSWIFT-269] - FP in DeadStoreCheck: variable read in optional binding condition
  • [SONARSWIFT-271] - False Positive in VariableOrFieldIsNotUpdatedCheck: "weak" variable
  • [SONARSWIFT-273] - Update S1110 implementation to only raise issue on double parenthesis
  • [SONARSWIFT-278] - False positive HardcodedCredentialsCheck (S2068): not string type


New Feature

  • [SONARSWIFT-242] - Feed metric 'executable_lines_data' when SQ >= 6.2
  • [SONARSWIFT-276] - Update default parameter value for EnumerationMemberNameCheck (S2343)
  • [SONARSWIFT-287] - Protect coverage import from template instantiation syntax



  • [SONARSWIFT-244] - Deprecate Cyclomatic Complexity rules at level > method
  • [SONARSWIFT-249] - Update metadata of rules
  • [SONARSWIFT-267] - Update name and description of plugin
  • [SONARSWIFT-274] - Rule S1854: update to ignore initializations to 1, 0, nil, true, false, ""
  • [SONARSWIFT-282] - Support new coverage report format with swapped line and hits numbers
  • [SONARSWIFT-289] - Log nothing when file from coverage report is not found

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