Release Notes - SonarABAP - Version 3.7 - HTML format


  • [SONARABAP-341] - S2241 should exclude other statements starting with SELECT
  • [SONARABAP-377] - S1669 should not raise on SORT BY components
  • [SONARABAP-378] - S1669: exclude "data" used as type
  • [SONARABAP-381] - S1501 should recognize internal tables using namespace prefix


  • [SONARABAP-380] - Field identifiers should support namespace prefix

New Feature

  • [SONARABAP-336] - SonarLint: support cancellation of analysis
  • [SONARABAP-337] - SonarLint: support reporting of parsing errors
  • [SONARABAP-338] - Progress report of analysis should display the number of files analyzed every 10 seconds
  • [SONARABAP-370] - Rule S4524: "default" clauses should last
  • [SONARABAP-389] - Rule S3626: Jump statements should not be redundant



  • [SONARABAP-364] - Adjust S1751: exclude redundant jumps
  • [SONARABAP-366] - Update rules "All/Two branches ... with same implementation" to support new exceptions
  • [SONARABAP-369] - Improve S131: exclude cases when "default" is not last
  • [SONARABAP-379] - ABAP 7.40: Parse "DATA(...)" (aka Inline Declarations)

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