Release Notes - SonarCOBOL - Version 3.0 - HTML format


  • [SONARCOBOL-1240] - False Negative CICS.StatementWithUntestedReturnCodeCheck: "RESP" is used as a data value
  • [SONARCOBOL-1267] - False Positive AlwaysTrueOrFalseConditionCheck (S2583): data item is updated by a SQL statement
  • [SONARCOBOL-1278] - False Positive AlwaysTrueOrFalseCondition (S2583): cover INVOKE statement in IBM Enterprise Cobol
  • [SONARCOBOL-1279] - False Positive UnusedParagraphOrSectionLabelCheck on CICS "HANDLE AID" or "HANDLE ABEND"

New Feature

  • [SONARCOBOL-1233] - Rule: SQL "UPDATE" statements should not change primary key values
  • [SONARCOBOL-1271] - Rule: "UPDATE" and "DELETE" statements should not impact multiple rows
  • [SONARCOBOL-1272] - Rule: "INSERT" statements should not set the values of identity columns
  • [SONARCOBOL-1273] - Rule: "SELECT" statements should not lead to a full table scan
  • [SONARCOBOL-1274] - Import a DB2 catalog as CSV files
  • [SONARCOBOL-1280] - Rule: SQL "UPDATE" statements should not impact columns part of a partitioning index
  • [SONARCOBOL-1283] - Add "Sonar Security Way" profile to plugin



  • [SONARCOBOL-1252] - Feed the complexity metric for copybooks
  • [SONARCOBOL-1256] - MoveTruncation should include types in the issue message
  • [SONARCOBOL-1257] - Provide a new CICS grammar with no reserved word
  • [SONARCOBOL-1259] - Parse error [Microfocus]: "ADDRESS OF" could be used without "OF"
  • [SONARCOBOL-1261] - Support REPLACING clause separated by a comma which is not followed by a white space
  • [SONARCOBOL-1262] - Improve rule OccursOneUsage: catch cases like "OCCURS 01"
  • [SONARCOBOL-1263] - Rule SQL.DynamicSqlCheck: catch EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statement
  • [SONARCOBOL-1264] - Rule COBOL.DisplayStatementUsageCheck: do not filter usages of DISPLAY
  • [SONARCOBOL-1268] - Support INVOKE statement
  • [SONARCOBOL-1270] - Update description in POM of plugin module
  • [SONARCOBOL-1276] - Parse error: fully qualified SQL column name
  • [SONARCOBOL-1277] - False Positive MoveTruncation: group containing items with a USAGE clause
  • [SONARCOBOL-1284] - NullPointerException when a FILE-CONTROL has no ASSIGN clause
  • [SONARCOBOL-1285] - Support cancellation of analysis

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