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Rule S905: Non-empty statements should change control flow or have at least one side-effect


    • Type: New Feature
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 2.11
    • Component/s: Rules
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      Expected Issues:

      def gen(param):
          """Yield statements have a side effect."""
          yield 42
      async def statements_having_effects_or_meant_to_be_ignored(param):
          """Other statements having a side effect or are meant to be ignored."""
          await param
          x = lambda: param
          (lambda: 2)()
          return 1
      def literals():
          True  # Noncompliant
          False  # Noncompliant
          None  # Noncompliant
          1  # Noncompliant
          1.1  # Noncompliant
          [1, 2]  # Noncompliant
          {1, 2}  # Noncompliant
          {1: 1, 2: 2}  # Noncompliant
      def str_liters():
          IMPORTANT: issues are raised on strings only if "reportOnStrings" parameter is enabled.
          Sometime strings are used as comments.
          Example: https://github.com/inveniosoftware/invenio-app/blob/867f3c33e8dd1b4fc31ff2ba6761ee580532ada3/invenio_app/config.py#L26
          "str"  # Noncompliant
      class MyClass:
          attr = 42
          def method(self):
          def class_method(cls):
          def static_method():
      class CustomException(TypeError):
      def a_function():
      def non_called_functions_and_classes():
          """Classes and functions which are not called."""
          round  # Noncompliant
          a_function  # Noncompliant
          MyClass  # Noncompliant
          NotImplemented  # Noncompliant
          # No issue will be raised on Exception classes. This use case is covered by S3984
          BaseException  # Ok
          Exception  # Ok
          ValueError  # Ok
          CustomException  # Ok
      def lambdas():
          """Creating a lambda which is not assigned."""
          lambda: 2  # Noncompliant
      def parameters_and_variables(param):
          """Referencing a variable or parameter without actually calling a method on it."""
          param  # Noncompliant
          x = 3
          x  # Noncompliant
      def multiple_statements(param, func):
          # multiple statements on one line
          return func(42); param  # Noncompliant, "param" has no effect
      def binary_op(param):
          """Binary and unary operators are expected to have no side effect.
          However they can have one when special methods are overriden. Example: Apache Beam overrides ">>" and "|" operators.
          It is possible to disable issues on specific operators by listing them in the rule parameter "ignoredOperators"
          Example: https://github.com/apache/beam/blob/85259c2c48020864607f9bed773b92565b50516e/sdks/python/apache_beam/runners/portability/flink_runner_test.py#L283
          param < 1  # Noncompliant
          param + param  # Noncompliant
          + param  # Noncompliant
          - param  # Noncompliant
      def accessing_members(param):
          Sometime members are accessed on purpose.
          Example: to force lazy loading. (https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/blob/5c00e793c61860bbf26778cd4704313e867645be/tensorflow/api_template_v1.__init__.py#L68)
          This is why we will only raise issues when on methods which are not called and class attributes.
          Note: Accessing a member without doing any function call is still confusing so we might have a
          rule dedicated to that later.
          MyClass.attr  # Noncompliant
          MyClass.class_method  # Noncompliant
          MyClass.static_method  # Noncompliant
          MyClass.__eq__  # Noncompliant
          if MyClass.class_method:
      def comprehensions(param):
          Some developers use comprehensions to have side effect.
          This is a bad design and should be replaced with a loop.
          However it is a code smell so this won't be covered by this rule.
          [a() for a in param]  #  Ok. This is a code smell, not a bug
      a = 42
      class MyClass2:
          """Issues are also raised on useless statements in class body."""
          42  # Noncompliant
          a  # Noncompliant
          b: int  # Ok
          c = 21  # Ok
      42  # Noncompliant. Issues are also raised on useless statements in global scope.
      def tryExcept(param):
          """No issue is raised when the statement is the only statement in a try...except body.
          Such pattern indicates that the statement is expected to raise an exception in some contexts.
          except AttributeError as e:
      def callsInSubExpression(param, func):
          """Don't raise any issue on boolean expressions if a call is made anywhere in it.
          Boolean expressions behave like a if...else and we don't know if the goal was to assign the result.
          We should however have a separate code smell rule in this case.
          param and param()  # Ok.
          param and param + 1  # Noncompliant
      def conditional_expression(func):
          Conditional Expressions are a special case because they are used to return something.
          Not assigning its result is probably a bug.
          1 if True else 2  # Noncompliant
          1 if True else func()  # Noncompliant. But if we should check if every occurence is a bug or if it is a code smell
          # Careful not to mix conditional expressions with normal if...else
          if True:
              1  # Noncompliant
              func()  # Ok


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