Change Log

A list of released versions. Click on the row to display issues for that version.

  • 5.5

    New SonarQube Quality Model with built-in support of "Bugs" and "Vulnerabilities" issue types, new Measures project page, Compute Engine in a dedicated process, improved Background Tasks page

  • 5.4

    New "Code" page, "My Account" space (with token generation), cross-module duplications, new API for Identity providers (OAuth GitHub plugin for instance), restart from the Web console

  • 5.3

    New project homepage highlighting Quality Gate and (newly introduced) Leak concepts, cross-project duplication back, access token to run analysis or call WS, WS to implement a build breaker strategy

  • 5.2

    Scanners no longer access the database, new features to efficiently manage issues (more precise location, "My New Issues" notification, technical debt displayed in Issues page, new Issue Filter widget, default assignee per project), enhanced monitoring features, new administration web services, rewrite of global administration pages

  • 5.1.2

    Bug fixes

  • 5.1.1

    Bug fixes

  • 5.1

    New overall layout, merge Issues Drilldown with Issues page, tags of issues, auto-assignment of issues, "won't fix" issues, issues report as a core feature, new Rules page, more efficient Component Viewer, possibility to import all files, timezone issue fixed, SonarQube binaries compatible with Java 1.7+ only

  • 5.0.1

    Bug fixes, SQALE model update

  • 5.0

    New Issues page with facets thanks to issues and source lines in E/S, SCM built-support for Git and SVN, first steps of analysis report processing on server side (DB cleaner), end of Maven 2 support, end of "sonar.importSources" support, use of '/' in branch names

  • 4.5.7

    Bug fixes