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Display the number of "Sonar way" rules not included in a given quality profile



      Use Case

      The "Sonar way" QP are designed to show which rules are recommended for each language. Therefore, as a QP administrator, I would expect SonarQube to help me know which QP don't use those recommended rules.

      The "Sonar way" QP to compare to is:

      • the "Sonar way" profile if it exists for the QP language
      • the "SonarQube way" profile if "Sonar way" doesn't exist
        No comparison is done otherwise.



      On each non built-in quality profile screen, I expect to see a "card" listing - for the "Sonar way" built-in quality profile of the corresponding language, the rules that I miss on this profile with the following constraints:

      • no card is displayed if there is 0 rule not included
      • have a link to the Rules page to be able to activate all of them

      On this page tooltips are displayed when hovering on the little "?" helpers:

      • the one next to "Deprecated rules" says "These deprecated rules will eventually disappear. You should proactively investigate replacing them"
      • the one next to "Sonar way rules not included" says "Recommended rules are missing from your profile"

      Use api/qualityprofiles/show instead of api/qualityprofiles/search to display the number of deprecated rules and the "Sonar way" rules not included.

      Web Service

      • create new WS api/qualityprofiles/show that returns the information in api/qualityprofiles/search
      • mandatory parameter profile: profile key
      • add boolean internal parameter compareToSonarWay that return a specific object in the response:
          "compareToSonarWay": {
            "profile": "profile-key",
            "profileName": "Sonar way",
            "missingRuleCount": 42


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