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Email notification reports X issues but provides a link to only a subset of them




      I received the email below about 3 new issues assigned to me on project license.

      Clicking on the link, I end up on a blank page. I see the page is filtering issues added since a given date (the date of the analysis).

      Since the email includes the name of the file, I had a look at one of them and indeed, I have two issues assigned to me on this file, but they are one year old, so, they can't be visible on the previous page.

      I guess this situation is created by the (not so much) recent improvement to change the date of issues raised on old code.

      I see two options to fix this:

      • either we want to notify the user of all issues assigned to her during a given analysis and the "trick" of filtering issues on dates to display issues of a given analysis should be replaced
      • or we want to only notify her of issue on new code and the link is still correct but the notifications should be fixed to only be sent for issues on new code

      Still, I think it would be valuable to have notifications to be improved to really support the leak period and do something in between:

      • title could become : You have 3 new issues on the leak period, 5 new issues in total
      • body would include a link to issues on the leak period and a link to the other issues

      First is directly actionnable by the developer, the second one gives a sense of issues raised on old code, ie. of a plugin upgrade, a change in the quality profile, over the whole project.


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