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Display quality profiles on which a rule is activated and related actions



    • Type: Sub-task
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    • Fix Version/s: 4.4
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      Below the details of a rule, and only if this rule is activated on one or several quality profiles, we should see those quality profiles in a dedicated panel.

      Note that if a quality profile has been selected in the "In Quality Profile" search form, then it should be highlighted in this part.

      For each profile, we should see:

      • its name
      • the severity of the rule on this profile
      • the parameters and their value on this profile
      • if the rule is inherited from a parent profile:
        • the name of the parent profile
        • the value of the parameters defined on the parent profile (if they were overridden)
        • the severity of the rule on the parent profile (if it was overridden)

      The available actions on this panel must be:

      • activate the rule on a profile (that must be selected by the user). The profile must be compatible (i.e. for the same language)
      • deactivate the rule from a profile
      • change severity or parameters on a configured profile
      • on rule that are inherited from a parent profile, make it possible to revert to parent definition for the severity and/or the parameters

      All this must answer the following use cases:

      • I've found an interesting rule and I want to activate it on a profile with some specific parameters
      • I want to see on which profiles a rule is activated on, and to easily compare the different parameters/severity specified on each profile (to potentially fix those differences)
      • I want to quickly deactivate a rule from a profile
      • When a profile is selected in the form, I need to easily and quickly see:
        • how a rule is activated on this profile
        • if it is inherited from another profile (and in this case, if the severity/parameters have been overridden)
      • If a rule is inherited on a profile, I need to easily be able to "reset" its severity/parameters to the parent definition




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