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Management of rule templates



    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 4.4
    • Component/s: Rules, Web
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      In SonarQube, rule templates are used to create custom rules. Technically speaking, they are rules with multiple cardinality that can be used as a "template". But unlike what has always been possible in SonarQube, those rule templates are not "rules" and should not be treated the same way anymore:

      • it should not be possible to activate them on a profile.
      • it should only be possible to create a copy/instance of those templates in order to create a "real" rule (= custom rule) that can be activated on a profile.

      Here are the use cases to cover:

      • I want to see all the available rule templates to discover what custom rules I can create
      • On a rule template, I want to quickly create a custom rule based on this template and to directly activate it on one or several profiles
      • On a custom rule, I want to be able to easily update its name, description, ...etc - and even delete it if it should no longer be used (delete = set status to REMOVED).
      • When I find a rule template, I want to see all the custom rules created from it.

      In term of UI, this means at least (to be discussed and confirmed):

      • Having 1 new (hidden by default) field in the search form:
        • "Templates only" (boolean): if set, only the rule templates are shown
      • On a rule template:
        • It should be clear that this is a template and not a rule
        • No profile panel as a template should not be activated on a profile
        • But a specific "Create custom rule" action that opens a modal window with the following fields:
          • name (mandatory)
          • description (mandatory)
            • Note: this must be specified using the markdown syntax in order to be able to format the code with block quotes, url, lists, ...etc.
          • severity (mandatory)
          • status (optional, will be "READY" by default)
          • message (mandatory)
          • parameters from the template (mandatory if any)
          • key (optional - will be generated if not given)
          • list of profiles to activate the rule on (optional)
        • There should also be a way to see custom rules created with this template:
          • Either the list of rules directly printed out in the panel
          • or a link that activates the "Created from" field
      • On a custom rule: all what can be display for a standard rule, plus:
        • It should be clear that this is a custom rule (and somehow it should be possible to find which template was used)
        • There should be an action to update this rule (i.e. modify its name/description/... etc), probably in a modal window
        • There should be an action to delete this rule


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