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Display Technical Debt with more precision when less than 1 day



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    • Fix Version/s: 4.3
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      When dealing with small technical debts measures (<1 day), it's hard to track the amount of technical debt because the values may be rounded to "0 days".

      We should find a way to display this technical debt with more precision, a bit like what's done for unit test execution time (see this page for instance).

      Updates should be done in any page that potentially displays technical debt:

      • measure drilldown
      • resource viewer
      • issue detail on issues page
      • widgets of any kind, even for widgets based on visual representations and measure filter WS
        • Ex: the bubble chart for instance (see this screenshot)
        • The WS should provide a formatted value along with the raw value

      Technical details :

      • Currently, the format of technical debt (issues.technical_debt) is a long : DDHHMM (where DD is the number of days, HH the number of hours, MM, the number of minutes), but it should be replaced by a number of minutes (for instance, a debt of 2 days should be persisted as 2*8*60=960 if the number of working hours in a day is set to 8).
      • A new type of metric should be created for this new format
      • This new format should be used when storing debt values in DB in :
        • Issues technical debt
        • Issue changelog on technical debt
        • Measures on technical debt and added technical debt
      • Following migrations will have to be created (using the property sonar.technicalDebt.hoursInDay to convert from old format)
        • Update all issues on technical debt
        • Update all issues changelog on technical debt
        • Update all measures on technical debt (value and variations)
        • Update all measures on added technical debt


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